Business Basics Grants Program

$5000 Grant Available

Apply Online from 31st MAy


How to apply

Applications open on 31 May 2021. Start preparing your application now.

  1. Read the key documents:
  2. Check your eligibility.
  3. Prepare your documentation:
    • a certified statutory declaration from the business’s owner or director stating the business:
      • does not have a annual turnover exceeding $300,000
      • meets all grant eligibility criteria
    • a proposal detailing the activities you will purchase
    • supplier quotes detailing who will undertake the work, description of services, and outline key activities (no more than 2 quotes and the total must equal at least $5,000 before GST).
  4. Start your application (form available on 31 May 2021)

All invoices or quotes from suppliers will be checked to determine if they are genuine (e.g. supplier has as active ABN and the invoices or quotes have not been altered in any way).

get my proposal for the grant
Apply Online From 31st May

Grant Eligibility Criteria

Website build or upgrades

  • Website build or upgrade (including website refresh)
  • Adding e-commerce
  • Developing new website content

To be eligible for this grant, your business must:

  • have fewer than 20 employees at the time of applying for the grant
  • have an active Australian Business Number (ABN) and be registered for GST
  • have a Queensland headquarters
  • have a turnover of $300,000 or less for the current financial year
  • not be insolvent or have owners/directors that are an undischarged bankrupt.

Application process

Applications open 31 May 2021. The application form will be available on this date.

Applications will close when (whichever happens first):

  • we receive sufficient applications for a competitive assessment
  • or
  • 30 June 2021.

Note: This grant program is competitively assessed. Not all applications will be funded.

get my proposal for the grant

How Do I Apply For The QLD Small Business Grant?

Applications will open on 31st May 2021
This funding round may only be open for a short period due to demand and will close when the funding allocation is anticipated to be exhausted.

You will need a proposal to send in with your grant application.
Talk to us about your website and we will provide you a qualifying proposal a website upgrade or rebuild.

Do You Need A Proposal For Your Grant Application?


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