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We offer a range of landing page and lead page options for clients who don’t want a full website or need a lead generating brochure for ads, email campaigns or to build a client database.

The Benifits Of a Landing Page
For Your Business

Key features and specifications
Powerful Lead

Building a database of clients is what seperates business success from business failure. Every lead you generate needs to be captured so your business doesn’t need to constantly find new clients and customers.

Cost effective

Leadpages and landing pages are a cost effective solution if you are looking for a basic one page website to put your details on. If done correctly it can literally save you thousands of dollars and make your business look professional and credible online.

Mobile responsive

If it’s not mobile reponsive, people are not going to read your information. It’s a mobile world and 89% of people are looking at your ads/ business through a mobile phone. You need to make sure your business is up to date with the latest tehniques.

Mobile Responsive Lead Generator

Landing Page & Leadpage Services

Lead pages and landing pages are purpose built single form pages designed to generate leads and/or collect customer information. With these details saved in your database you can then call or e-mail your clients/customers and give them the information requested whether that be a ‘Free Consultation’ ‘Quote’ or even an ‘Order’ or ‘Book Now’.

A Leadpage campaign is a two-stage process the first stage is the ‘Brochure’ page and is like a digital version of a flyer you would send in the mail. The second stage is the ‘Thank you’ page. The Thank you page is the page that comes up for a clients after they have opted-in to your offering. This page will contain a link button to your website for more information and they will have the option of sharing your Lead page to multiple social media platforms, this extends the life of your campaign with no additional cost to you.

It’s a good idea to have your Social Media setup up properly before your Lead page; the reason for this is you will want to add all of these links to your Lead page during setup. When your accounts are all setup you are in a very good position to start doing Lead page campaigns as you will have built up a solid foundation of posts on all your Social Media platforms, increasing credibility and trust for your target audience.

See Leadpage Example
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Most website developers today are graphic designers, they know how to make a website look good but if it doesn’t convert traffic into buyer, it’s pretty much useless. Most website homepages are about the business about the customers needs which is the complete opposite of what a landing page is designed to do.

For this reason, when it comes to lead generation and growing email databases I suggest creating a leadpage/landing page rather than sending traffic to your website which is often built for service and business information, not for conversions. Once your lead page is complete it has the additional benefit of being able to be embedded into your Facebook Page so you can use it as a mini-landing site. This also keeps everything connected and builds on one another to support your social platforms in a single unified marketing strategy.

Portfolio Of Leadpage Examples

Your Leadpage will be created in accordance with Facebook regulations, will be fully mobile responsive and will have all SEO done on the backend of your page. Clients and customers will also be able to view it in full on a desktop as it will load and display just like a website would.

Click On The Buttons To View The Leadpage Examples
Vacation Quote Leadpage

Database building for newsletters and ‘Holiday Quotes’ for customers booking trips.

View Leadpage
Mortgage Broker Leadpage

Designed to build a database and offer a free consultation.

View Leadpage
Turf Quote Leadpage

Database building and ‘Get A Quote’ for turf installation.

View Leadpage
Training Landing Page

Lead generator – Mortgage brokers and Financial planners to diversify thier business

View Leadpage

What Do I Need To Supply
For You To Build Me A Leadpage?

Business Details

Which email do you want to use to collect your leads? What is your business slogan or tagline?

Your Offering

Summary of what your Leadpage is about, are you offering a service or a product?

Call to action

What do you want your clients to do “Call Now” “Book Now” “Buy Now” “Free Consultation”

Feature/ Benefits

Your unique selling points i.e.
Free quote, custom designs, top quality, mobile service, quick turnaround, free consultation etc.


We will require your logo in both .png and .jpg formats in vector formats (no background if possible)


Any photos or artwork you own that we can use to make sure your branding is brought in to line with your leadpage.


We want to make sure you stand out so 3-4 fantastic testimonials will help build trust with your clients.

Client Details

What details do you want to record ie. Email, name, surname, contact number, comments etc.

How Much Does A
Leadpage Cost?

Want to build a database of clients or drive more traffic to a set call to action, a leadpage or landing page may be your answer.

Lead pages for clients are $799 plus GST if you have completed a Social Setup And Training Package with us first and takes approximately 2-3 weeks to complete. If you are undertaking this option as a stand alone service the cost is $1099 plus GST.

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