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Website Hosting And Security

We offer a wide range of website, security and hosting services to our clients, we can build your website, host it, enable SSL and keep it backed up so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

What Does Website Hosting Involve?
The ‘Homebuilder’ Analogy

The simple explanation as to how hosting works
your Hosting

Hosting is the same as buying a block of land for your house, this is where your website (house) will live. Your hosting space can be here in Australia or it can be overseas. It can even be shared just like a block of units sitting on a single piece of land.

Your Website

Your website is just like your house – the bricks and mortar building you live in gets built and so does your website. You can build your website using many different programs just like a house is built from many different materials – keep in mind you get what you pay for with both so don’t expect custom if you can only afford ‘off the plan’.

Your Domain Name – This is the same as your home address. It’s what people look for on Google when they want to come visit your website, also known as a URL (Universal Resource Locator). For a house people put your address into their GPS, for a website they put your domain address into an internet browser.

24-7 Hosting Account Features

Once your website is complete and ready to go live we can organise your hosting for you on our own servers at 24-7 Hosting. This means you have everything conveniently in one place and the knowledge that if you need any information or are experiencing any problems we are just a phone call away.
A real person….imagine that!

  • 10 GB Web Space

  • Unmetered Data Transfer

  • Free Daily Backups

  1. CPanel & SSH Access

  2. Unlimited MySQL Data Bases

  3. Free E-mail Accounts

  • 4 Server Locations

  • Unlimited FTP Accounts

  • Free Cloudflare CDN

Wordpress only

Website Updates And Security

Twice Yearly Simply Me-dia can organise your site to be updated, tested, upgraded and checked for virus’ and malware. This is usually completed in July and December each year and includes the following:

  • Backup the website before the updates are applied, and stored offline for 6 months
  • Apply all WordPress core updates
  • Apply plugin and theme updates
  • Run a security scan and attend to any matters found in the scan, fix malwares if required.
  • Test the contact forms and all external links
  • Complete a full backup of the site after the updates have been completed and store offline for 6 months
  • Send a bi-annual report with all plugins and checks listed and the location of your backup file.
Cost For Website Security – Paid bi-annually $150.00 + GST

Please Note:
To keep costs low and reduce security premiums if your site does get hacked this will result in additional costs to the business…however, a full hacked site can be cleaned up for $228 and this includes 12 months guarantee from re-infection. This is with Astra Security.

The idea behind site security is to limit the chances of being hacked and targeted whilst reducing security premiums which can be in excess of $1200 a year for most sites.

Not Happy With Your Website Hosting?

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At Simply Me-dia we have built up a reputation in Brisbane for being blunt and honest with our clients. we are passionate and excited about marketing small businesses and we will help our clients in any way we can to achieve the desired result.

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