The internet may be a global phenomenon. But, when you’re searching for someone to fix your hair, sort a plumbing issue or deliver a pizza, you need it to hone in on your home turf.

Having an online storefront to attract locals is a must. Almost all your potential customers will be turning to their smartphones or laptops to find the kind of services you offer. And you need them to pick you.

Read on to discover why a Redlands web developer will become your new bestie by helping you drum up lots of new business.

Making the Right Impression

Your website may be the first time a potential customer has ever come into contact with you. The home or front page can reveal a lot about who you are, what you offer and how customers can interact with you. It’s where you create a first and lasting impression.

It can evoke emotions because users will make an opinion about what they see and read. They may like it, loathe it, be indifferent or move on. These are the critical questions they’ll want answers to:

  • Are the opening hours and location of the business convenient for me?
  • Does the business offer the services I want, and does it look professional?
  • How easy will it be to book, reserve or pay for the services I’m searching for?

A Redlands web developer can help you create an engaging homepage that is punchy, professional and easy to interact with.

A Digital Replacement for a Paper Brochure

You can add unlimited pages to your website. You can also adapt and manipulate the appearance of the information to make it easier to find. There’s plenty of room to explain:

  • Who you are and the location of your business
  • How customers can contact you
  • What makes you different, and what services or products you offer or sell

The significant difference between a local website and a brochure is that customers can interact with a website in real time. You can publish their reviews, build connections, create a community and instantly repay loyalty.

A Redlands web developer can show you how to optimise your content so that it attracts more people who are searching for a business like yours.

All the Essentials of an Effective Local Business Website

You know your business and your market best. You’ll likely have an excellent idea of the messages, prices and information you want to convey. The knack is translating all that into a website format that optimises your potential leads.

A Redlands web developer will help you do this by:

  • Creating a clear, user-friendly layout
  • Ensuring navigation around the site is instinctive
  • Making the site compatible with and responsive to smartphones

Colours, great photos and grammatical accuracy all play into creating a compelling homepage. They help build strong connections with your potential customers. You need high-quality content that’s relevant to your local customers. You should create new content regularly, ensuring it always resonates with your target audience.

A Local Website Inspires Confidence

All small businesses need their own website to drive their marketing and sales. Without a website, you’ll miss out on potential business opportunities. Customers are fickle beings and will move on to a local business with a site.

A website gives your business a particular kudos. It acts as evidence of credibility and allows you to show off your key attributes. It shows that you take the services and products you offer and sell seriously. It addresses concerns about anonymity as customers know there’s somewhere they can go if they need more information and help resolving an issue.

If you don’t have a website, you’ve all but given up. The marketplace is highly competitive, and you need to be sure that you have every available tool at the ready to push your business to the front of the queue. No website can ultimately mean no customers.

Maximising Local Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) means getting your business as high up a list of Google search results as possible. The higher you are, the more likely it is that potential customers will click on your site and buy a product or service from you.

Almost all of us use Google to find a local product or service. We may want to check opening hours, find out if a store has a product in stock, or make an appointment.

The fact is, if you don’t have a website, you can be 100 per cent sure that another business that offers the same products or services does. If you have no online presence, potential customers can’t pick you.

Getting Greater Visibility

A local business’s website creates one central location where you can store:

  • Your address, phone numbers and contact details
  • An interactive map so that customers can see how far away you are
  • A list of products and services
  • A contact form so that customers can get in touch with any questions

This information and your online presence enable Google to build your local SEO ranking. You can play the game further by creating a blog section of useful articles you regularly add to. It is critical that these are useful, well-written and SEO-friendly. Quality is crucial and will help your website move higher in a Google search.

Having a website also allows for expansion. You may have a business that needs to reach people further afield. These could be new customers, investors or suppliers. They will never find you if you don’t have a website.

Get Yourself a Redlands Web Developer Today

If you have a local business without a website, you should take on a Redlands web developer to help you make one. They will show you how to make your website relevant, professional-looking and engaging so that you generate lots of new business.

Simply Me-dia can help. We have many years of experience developing websites for local businesses. Get in touch with one of the team today. You could soon have your own Redlands web developer who’ll help boost your sales and profits.