Let’s go back a century. If you had a bag of potatoes, carrots and cabbages to sell, you’d need a market stall to display and promote your goods to passers-by.

The concept remains unchanged today. However, modern stalls have become digital websites. They’re sophisticated and can instantly engage with passers-by anywhere in the world. And you can sell absolutely anything from them.

In short, if you have a business, you need a website. Read on to find out why a Redlands website developer could become your new bestie in double quick time.

Credibility Matters

Have you ever searched for a gym or restaurant online? A search result that attracts your attention displays directions and a phone number but no link to a website. You move swiftly on. Something in your psyche tells you that having no website equates to no credibility.

Without a website, consumers may query your legitimacy. A website is your chance to create an excellent first impression and provide reassurance that you’re a proper business.

Although the quality of a website will have an impact on your business, the important point is to ensure you actually have one at all. Once it’s up and running, you can make tweaks, add functionality and create great content for it.

There’s a good chance that others are offering similar services or goods to yours. A way to stand out is with a good-looking website that communicates information in a clear and engaging way to your customers.

If you don’t press ahead and embrace the digital world, you’re going to get left behind and risk your business becoming irrelevant. As Australians spent a whopping $64 billion online in 2022, and some experts predict further surges that’ll double that figure within 5 years. It is wise to get your business online.

Boosting Brand Awareness

Let’s go back to the market stall for a moment. Picture 2 bakery stands.

One looks rather crest-fallen with a couple of stale-looking loaves. The other has a host of crusty rolls, seeded bakes and sourdough slices lain out on tasteful slates. There are beautifully written explanations about the taste and origins of each.

The same principles of showcasing your brand apply to a website. It needs to look top-notch. Clarity is key. Your website should:

  • Establish who you are and what you stand for
  • Provide a range of clear information about your products and services
  • Engage quickly with consumers so that they buy what you’re selling

Your website can and should set you apart from your competitors. Without it, potential customers won’t be able to find reliable information about your business at the touch of a button. That’s going to leave you playing a constant game of catch-up.

Generating Leads

One of the most pressing arguments for having a website for your business is that it can boost your chances of generating leads.

When consumers reach you online, they get interested in your product or service and become curious to find out more. They’ll understand how to get in touch because you’ll have clearly displayed your contact information on your website.

This is a golden opportunity to boost your sales. Although websites have a cost, they’ll have a positive effect on ROI when used properly. Your website is your window of opportunity to clinch sales and give you the edge over your competitors.

Making the Most of Organic Traffic

When your SEO-optimised website’s up and running, it’ll get the opportunity to appear in Google search results. This means that when customers are looking for a product or service, they may see your website showing up in the results.

This is a huge opportunity to dramatically boost your customer base. Achieving successful SEO is complex, takes effort and falls under the expertise umbrella of a Redlands website developer like Simply Me-dia.

Moving up those search results requires useful, quality, regularly updated content, first-class photos, backlinks and a whole host of other bells and whistles. A reputable Redlands website developer will be across all the latest developments to optimise your search results.

There is little point in having a great-looking website if nobody knows how to find it. SEO is the secret to success and that takes time and expertise to manage.

Saves Time and Improves Customer Service

Lots of businesses have traditionally taken calls from prospective or existing customers wanting directions or information about returning an item. Websites reduce the number of calls significantly so that staff can focus on more important parts of the business.

For customers, it’s a better experience because they can find out what they need to know when it’s convenient for them.

Keeps Your Customers Informed About Your Latest News

Customers often visit websites for information that’s secondary to making a purchase. They may want to find out if an item you have is in stock, for example. If you run a gym or have a retail outlet they may want to find out about opening and closing hours.

Websites operate 24/7 so they’re a convenient way to impart information to customers at any time of day.

A Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you plan to take advantage of social media marketing to give your leads a boost and grow your business, you’ll need to drive traffic to a website or landing page. To do this well, you’ll need historic traffic that has been visiting your website so you can hone in on the most qualified customers and get the best ROI on what you spend on ads.

This isn’t something that you can set up retrospectively. It‘s therefore a good idea to get your website up and running even if you’re not planning to run ads for the moment.

Let the Premier Website Developer in Brisbane Help You

Websites have become essential to any business today. Simply Me-dia, the highly respected Redlands website developer can make a tangible, evidence-based difference to your business with a range of website services.

Get in touch today to find out more about how we can get you and your business noticed.