When you create a fabulous, brand-new website, it can feel like a moment to crack open the bubbly. That’s as it should be, but the story should not end there. Enter website updates.

Websites are a bit like young human beings. From infancy, they need to grow and require careful tending and lots of attention. If not, you risk undermining the credibility of your business and missing opportunities to boost your client base.

Read on for the lowdown on website updates and discover why you need to work with a Redlands web developer for optimum results.

Understanding Website Updates

Updating your website is the equivalent of maintaining your car. The consequences run far deeper than mere aesthetics. A combination of components tends to make up a website. These include:

  • Plug-ins (e.g. if you use a system like WordPress)
  • Blog or news articles with photos and graphics
  • Videos and podcasts
  • Links back to internal pages or to external sites

Businesses that have a far better chance of success are those that regularly update these integral parts of their website. Website updates should form part of a weekly routine, and that means:

  • Publishing new, high-quality, helpful content
  • Adding great new blog articles
  • Slotting in exciting images and engaging video content
  • Using rich new keywords throughout the site

Quality and Relevance Matter

The key is to add value when updating. It’s no use simply shuffling around content that’s already there. Businesses also need to update their digital storefronts, plug-ins and themes. Social media plays into this, and it is crucial to incorporate it into the digital storefront.

Shopify and WordPress are two of the most popular solutions for e-commerce website owners. Built with applications or plugins, they require weekly updates to make them as effective as possible. Failure to do so will make a website susceptible to hackers.

The Benefits of Website Updates Explained

So, what’s the point of all the hard work that goes into website updates? One of the biggest reasons is to make a business more appealing so that users click on your site rather than anyone else’s. A Website Developer in the Redlands like Simply Me-dia has the know-how to handle all this for you.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Those who update their website frequently engage better with search engines. Search engines are so sophisticated they can tell when a website makes significant changes.

If they assess the updates are of value, they will move your website up their rankings. We call this search engine optimisation (SEO). You should not underestimate the power of using exciting keywords that users type into search engines to find what they’re looking for.

If search engines detect no updates on your site, they may consider it obsolete, and that will have a negative impact on your business’s rankings. The net result is that fewer users will find your business.

Creating the Right Impression

If you have a blog section, it’s crucial to use it to make people want to return and revisit your site. If you update your website with engaging content, your business will give the right impression to potential customers.

The secret to getting more online visitors and potential customers is to make frequent website updates with relevant information. If you regularly post fresh articles relevant to your market, you will maintain an edge over your competitors.

Stay Safe and Talk to the Experts at Simply Me-dia

Using a highly-respected Redlands web developer like Simply Me-dia will mean your website is less prone to malware, viruses and malicious software.

We can perform website updates and take care of your SEO management, social media management and build you a new website. Talk to the most sought-after website developer in the Redlands today. Let the experts take care of all your website needs.