Technology is essentially the only thing connecting us all with the products and services we need to keep our lives running smoothly. This is an uncertain time that requires strategic measures taken to ensure that your business comes out of COVID-19 better than before.

It’s easy to understand why SEO and internet marketing might seem like a very low priority. After all, you might have more immediate concerns on your mind regarding the coronavirus. But it’s the undeniable fact that those who maintain their business effectively and with the proper tools will come out at the other end this stronger. How businesses set up and maintain their SEO strategies throughout this trying time helps to set the tone for their financial success months and even years down the road from now.

Go aggressive with your SEO strategies

Competitors are quickly scaling back their SEO efforts out of panic and fear. Use this time to optimize search rankings to safeguard your spot at the top of the page. SEO makes your website easy to find. It’s about helping your customers find you amongst your sea of competitors. Everybody’s business has a presence online now. Make sure yours is the first site your target customers click on.

SEO is one of the best, cost-effective and most efficient forms of online marketing out there. It is arguably one of the most important aspects of online marketing as it increases your company visibility, which is directly linked to your online ranking. The higher you rank, the more likely your customers will find you. The more effective your SEO is, the more visibility you get. If you want to be a part of the first five listings that get 75% of all clicks from consumers, you need effective SEO.

Now is the time to maintain your ranking

Generating a consistent source of website traffic is the foundation of every online business. If people aren’t visiting your website, they’re not purchasing your product. And since search engines aren’t perfect, you need to ensure your website against this.
Using SEO guarantees that your website is trustworthy, relevant and high quality because SEO improves the usability of your site, which creates a positive and seamless customer experience. It is the cutting-edge tool that keeps you on top. But it is also the high-quality tool that maintains your stellar online ranking.

So, why is SEO so important? Ultimately, it brings in more relevant traffic, improves bounce rates, and increases the potential for sale conversions by helping you become more visible online when people search for your industry.

We offer a wide range of SEO services to our clients who have had websites designed by us or by other developers where SEO wasn’t part of their website proposal.

How do we achieve results?
We start with an SEO audit of your website to understand where you’re sitting regarding your competitors. We use on-site and off-site optimisation strategies to improve your website’s ranking position while using keyword selection, ongoing management and a highly detailed and industry-leading SEO campaign strategy to focus on relevant targeting, content strategy and measured results of your SEO success.

We have many options suited to sole traders and small businesses starting with conservative plans to premium.
Call us for a free consultation to see which one would best benefit you.