With News Corp Australia confirming that it will stop the print editions of more than 100 suburban and regional mastheads as part of a major restructure, now is the time to seriously consider moving your business and advertising efforts online.
After undertaking a comprehensive review of its assets, News Corp has observed its customers shifting to online news sources. The print media sector has been battling sharp declines in advertising revenue since before the coronavirus pandemic as the internet and its opportunities offer better advertising and marketing options than ever before.

Everybody is online now in some form or another. Whether you use a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or some other gadget connected to WI-FI, we’re on the internet all of the time. So, it makes sense that the best way to advertise your business and products is to be online as well.
Now is the time to move your advertising efforts online and set up your business presence digitally. Building a professional looking and quality website is essential for a successful business when potential customers are looking for accessibility and visibility.

using social media on a phone

Why should you be online marketing instead of in print media?

Increased mobility
Thanks to technology, customers have never been more accessible. Having your business online means you can have a global reach and can generate leads in ways a local newspaper never could. Your business goes wherever your customer goes. They just have to unlock their phone or laptop.

Social media is the new word-of-mouth advertising. Having a presence on popular apps gives you an amazing opportunity to be seen. And it also means you don’t need a massive marketing budget because social media is free! You just need a professional who knows what they’re doing to work with it! Simply Me-dia offers training and complete management of Social Media Marketing for clients in Redlands, Brisbane and all over Australia. There is also a number of business grants available at the moment that may help you get started sooner than later,

Measurable outcomes
Online marketing offers measurable outcomes. The trouble with traditional print advertising is that it’s often hard to justify your RIO (return-on-investment). You never really know what is impacting a customer and what isn’t. Having a business presence gives you data and analytics to identify who is coming to your site and how you can get even more customers. Through using search engine optimization tools and other methods of website design and maintenance, we can effectively improve your rankings and visibility.

Digital marketing allows you to tailor your advertisement to your intended audience. Having your website built by a professional means you can customise your site the way you want it to be presented. Expect flexibility and ease with a custom-built website that can accommodate any request or campaign.

Whether your business is big or small, every company needs a professional website and online presence. It is often the first point of call for any potential customer and needs to be of sound quality to impress them.

Ready to take the leap into the online world? Talk to our marketing specialist today and let us point you in the right direction.