Your Competitors Are Slowing Down. Now is the Perfect Time to Market Your Business!
As it seems the world slows down in response to COVID-19, you might wonder not only how it will affect your business, but is it worth it to continue marketing? Why should you continue spending money on marketing if consumers aren’t actively buying as much?

The short answer is YES, you should! Because consumers are buying as much!

People are still spending money and shopping as usual, just online! So, you need to make sure it’s easy for them to find you. You want to become their preferred business both during and after quarantine. And for those customers who have tightened the purse strings? Who are they going to buy from when everything gets back to normal?

YOU! Because you laid the groundwork for them to become loyal customers. You’re top of mind and now, their first choice.

As many businesses close up shop for COVID-19, it narrows down the products and services available to the public during this time. If you’re open for business, let people know! Make sure they not only know you’re open, but that you’re flourishing. Good marketing gets that message across so your content can continue to engage all day every day whilst you’re safely self-isolating at home. Now is the perfect time to get ahead, get the jump on your competitors and allow this COVID19-imposed hibernation to work for you, not against you.

Your competitors are scrambling. While they’re stepping back from the spotlight with fear and trepidation, you know that now is when you need to buckle down and market your product. People are spending vastly more time at home and online. Using quality marketing strategies like social media platforms and email campaigns help increase reach and engagement. What better time than while everyone is already online?

Why is marketing important?
Now is not the time to stop building a relationship with your customers, especially potential customers. Take this time to nurture your existing leads with marketing that connects you to your customers and gains their loyalty. Establishing that brand-consumer trust is imperative, so take the time to set yourself up for success.

Make sure your target audience is familiar with your business, so it’s the first point of call when quarantine lifts. Marketing does this by keeping your brand relevant and front-of-mind so that when your customers are ready to purchase, they purchase from the company they have seen all over their feeds.

Good quality marketing gives you a head start. You can use this time to learn about your target audience and create content to meet their specific needs. Quarantine allows you to be strategic and think about how you want to present your product to the world.

Good quality marketing also prevents you from having to start from scratch. Hibernation can be your friend. Take this time to audit your content and set yourself up for success both during COVID-19 and well after. Does your website best reflect who you are, and the services you offer? Are your images sharp and content engaging? Are there better ways to market your message to your intended customer? YES.

At some point, quarantine will end. Don’t come out of it having to start all over again. Although it’s important to give yourself the time and space to deal with a worldwide pandemic and not push yourself, marketing is the running bull that allows you to keep working without actually working. Taking the initial time to be strategic in setting up quality marketing campaigns allows you to build on the efforts you’ve already put in before the coronavirus started.

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